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Pensions were granted at a rate £6 per annum for the widow and £3 per annum per child until the age of 16. Pre-famine Ireland was a place of extreme poverty.

Guillemot Lightships

The original Guillemot was one of four lightships built for Irish Lights by Allsup and Co. of Preston, in the 1890s.

Tragedy of Tuskar Rock

On the night of Sunday the 18thOctober 1812, an unusually high tide occurred and a violent tempest swept the sea over the rock, carrying away the temporary wooden houses which were erected here for the shelter of the workmen, and of 24 men upon the rock, 14 were washed away.


What time are Lighthouses lit?

Oyster Island Outrage

180 years later it is impossible to tell what really happened on that night. The Magistrates and Board believed the painters had no case to answer but the question remains, who attacked Thomas Young and why?

Calf Rock Tragedy 1869

On the morning of 12th February 1869, tragedy struck at the Rock when a boat capsized and claimed the lives of seven people.

December 1886

On the 8th December 1886 a violent storm swept across Ireland and Western Europe. The damage around the coast was catastrophic.

Clare Island Nurses

Irish Lights provided £20 annually to support the placement of a Queens Jubilee Nurse on Clare Island.

Bird Survey

The remote location of many of Irish Lights’ off shore Stations makes them ideal breeding grounds for wildlife, and birdlife in particular.

Spanish Flu

Instructions for Lightkeepers for steps to take if symptoms of Influenza (Spanish Flu) were detected.

Back to School

Spare a thought for the Lighthouse families living at remote Lighthouses in the early 20th century.

St. Elmo's Fire

On the 17th of December 1910, during a strong gale, the lighthouse keeper at the Arranmore North station reported an alarming and mysterious occurrence.

Sinking of the Kish Lightship

At 8.31 p.m. Louis Brady, 2nd Officer on the ‘Princess Alexandra’ sent a telegram reporting ‘All hands are saved.
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